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     wellness your holidays !       
powered by Gaianoah since 2015  
 ~ sperare ego sum non ituris ~

Club Gaia (Token QIcoin) : holydays, Qigong et Bitcoin + Free BOUNTY list !

Holydays Club pillars are innovative sports, exceptional geographical sites within all-inclusive packages,
Local Club pillars are frienliness, Qi gong gym, healthy food,
QIcoin(qiù) label promoting wellbeing (individual, social, economic) - see white paper for more technical information -

Club Gaia (under Gaianoah™ since 2015, International Investment Society),
is combining fintech (crypto-money), newtech (VR mechanical systems) within microeconomics systems and tradional values,

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) :

Soft Cap is 5.1 millions QIcoin Token sold, price is 0.25USDT per Token, that is 400 QIcoin(qiù) Token for a 100USDT investment,
Because every Qicoin (qiù) Token will be back at the bank with 01EUR, ICO investors will made 400% on their primo-investment,
in the same time Gaianoah™ since 2015, International Investment Society, will create its capital,
Investors will receive a VIP transferable electronic card, giving the owner discounts on
(01) our Club Gaia services/products, (02) our QIcoin label services/products,

Soft Cap + Bounties


The QIcoin(qiù) Token
phonetic : \tchikwɛ̃\ abreviation : (qiù)
wellness your holidays, wellness your power consumption, wellness freedom ! 

(A) ICO market  :
Available investment supply : 51 millions QIcoin(qiù)
Soft Cap is reached at 5.1 millions tokens sold
ICO end when the 51 millions tokens had been sold or finally drawn to participants
Price per token is
0.25USDT : 400 QIcoin(qiù) for a 100USDT
All payment are done in ETH, only from a ETH wallet address, like MyEtherWallet or MetaMask
To comply with regulation
(anti money laundering), participants have to fill-out a KYC(Know Your Customers) registration form
ICO investors will receive, at post stage, a secure
* tradable electronic card to access all Club Gaia services/products with discount, see "white paper"
* (in the form of a Oracle GPS secure shell (SSH) cryptographic key, with parity check)

Get registered : "KYC form"
The Qicoin(qiù) token will be directly released on your ETH wallet after Soft Cap had been reached


(B) How it work  :

(I) Club Gaia : holiday and local clubs

Gaianoah  is building, using internally the QIcoin(qiù) token and fiat money, holiday clubs and local clubs
 Combining sports, nature, food and friendliness, following microeconomic and autochtone values,

The Club Gaia (holiday club) 03 pillars, are access to innovative sports, exceptional geographical sites within all-inclusive packages,
The Club Gaia (local club) aim, in your own area, is to purpose friendliness, Qi gong gymnastic, healthy food advice and a medical desk,

@quoi faire pendant les vacances?
@no more boring holidays?
@que hacer durante las vacaciones¿
@keine langweiligen ferien?

The leitmotiv : wellness your holidays !

On a self provided or built with us, project scope, dedicated journey are available for individual, group or enterprise,

Club Gaia

(II)  Gaia QIcoin(qiù) label : life quality label

Gaia QIcoin(qiù) label is a quality label for goods and services offered on local territories,
Including others, people or thing, relational steps, it is using a Android apk with QR code, to allow a referral system,
 + The Android apk purpose a Qicoin(qiù) token wallet, goodies (faucet games-activities, local area "capture the flag", stars reviewing) and more +

Using the asset what3words, a geographical referencing system is set, providing access to wellbeing products and services,
The referencing framework is based on a GPS geo-areas-map, promoting life quality (individual, social, economic) beared by the Gaia QIcoin(qiù) label,
Each primo-referent is recorded under a GPS area, on which its own referents, enhance the market and could pay a mining,
The QR code is used to
prove the origin and the veracity of the "Gaia" QIcoin(qiù) label products and services,

The leitmotiv : wellness power consumption !

(III)  Gaia R&D : research and development department, see white paper"

A project nursery desk is open, with a dedicated tab to VR (virtual reality) mechanical systems enthousiasts,

Time following (I) and (II) grounded projects, we will show you a tabbed hand-carried suitcase office, for mobility job,
For sure Vuitton, Channel, Gucci, won't say no
Time following (I) and (II) grounded projects, teenager will received from the Gaianoah
society a monthly benefits share*
*(05 new Teenager QIcoin tokens for 01 QIcoin token withholded on their dedicated QIcoin(qiù) Android teenager wallet, up to 02USDT per day)
For sure the Granny, Kinsman, Folks won't say no
Time following (I) and (II) grounded projects, we will raise you in a spacecraft, as leisure center, hotels-restaurants and secondary residence,

For sure Richard Bronson, Elon Musk, the ISS won't said no

The leitmotiv : wellness freedom !



Qicoin qiù token
QIcoin(qiù) token flag

Wellness your holidays !

51qiù free on registration !
Bounty 01
receive 51qiù  free,
 on KYC registration !

QIcoin(qiù) secure crypto-money's name come from QI gong martial art,
A science based on knowledge and mastery of vital energy,
One of our call is to open, in you own area, a social club, named Club Gaia, where you can freely pratice Qi gong martial gym

Partnerships :

UN volunteer                  International Peace Bureau

51 Bounties will be released in the next 05 years :
+ 01 KYC registration Bounty : 51qiù free, actually worth 12.75USDT
+ 02 Social Media Bounty : Facebook, Tweeter, BitcoinTalk (to come)
+ 03 Android apk Bounty : apk development contest (to come)
+ 04 Q&A Bounty (to come)
+ 05 in Android wallet apk goodies, faucet, Bounties (to come)

QIcoin(qiù) genesis 2017 August


Following AMF recommandations

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